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Guiyang rural revitalization to kick start new era for province


Guizhou is launching a series of projects aimed at improving people's livelihoods.

Innovative program digs deep to revitalize countryside of Guizhou


A new poverty alleviation program has been launched by Guizhou government to revitalize the province's countryside.

Victories scored in province's crucial fight against poverty


The mountainous Southwest China province of Guizhou is considered by many to be the main battleground in China's crucial fight against poverty - but top officials and experts say major victories have been scored and many more achievements are to come.

Anlong: mushroom business improves local rural life


Anlong, one of the counties in Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture, will soon harvest the edible mushrooms planted in a mass cluster of greenhouses.

Kiwi fruit plays role in rural vitalization in Xiuwen county


Guizhou province's Xiuwen county has chosen to replace grains and crops with kiwi fruit in a bid to improve the local agriculture industry.

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