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World's largest telescope finds new pulsars


Chinese researchers have discovered six pulsars, which are superheavy remnants of massive stars, using its Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, known as FAST.

Big data industry booming in Guizhou


In the 12,000-hectare Grass Sea natural reserve tucked away in Southwest China's Guizhou province, the entire area has been "digitalized" as a part of the "Grass Sea cloud."

Stone Sector Evolving Into Pillar Industry


The already-heavyweight stone sector is rising fast as a pillar industry in Guizhou province, with its growth rate averaging 25 percent in recent years.

Guizhou looks to develop sports tourism


Guizhou province is dedicated to becoming a national demonstration zone for sports tourism.

China's 'Silicon Valley' takes shape


Guizhou province, which hopes to build itself into China's "Big Data Valley", is looking to link up with Silicon Valley.

Guizhou lands 25b yuan-worth of tourism investment


A string of new investment projects look set to invigorate Guizhou province over the next few years.

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