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Guizhou voices heard at 19th CPC congress(2)

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Updated: 2017-10-13

Zhou Jiankun, secretary of the CPC Bijie municipal committee:

The fight against poverty has made great achievements but we still face challenges in the future. So we will continue to focus on the targeted poverty alleviation and we are confident of winning the fight eventually.

Yang Xianxia, an official of Guizhou's Sandu county:

I was especially impressed when Xi pointed out in the report that we should let a hundred flowers bloom and establish innovative development in the cultural industry. He showed us a new way to protect and pass on the legacy of our ethnic culture.

Yang Bo, an official of Guizhou's Haiga village:

Guizhou's villages have experienced earth-shaking changes over the past five years. I myself was part of it, so I felt really connected when listening to the report at the opening session of the 19th National Congress of the CPC.

Zhu Jiaxian, head of Guizhou Fa'er Coal Mining Ltd:

The report at the opening session of the 19th National CPC Congress says that great support will be given to the employment and self-employment of returning-home migrant workers. I will definitely tell my fellow migrant workers about this. Hopefully, we'll make more contributions for the development of our country.

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